The Blow-in / dir. Treasa O’Brien / 8mins /2016/ Ireland,Germany,UK

What is it to feel at home? Ethnofiction documentary made in the small town of Gort in the west of Ireland with migrant ‘blow-in’ residents in four languages: French, Portuguese, Irish and English.
Frenchwoman Véronique has been living in the small town of Gort in the West of Ireland for 6 years but she still doesn’t feel at home. But she’s always felt like a stranger, even when she was a child in France. Veronique looks into the windows of people living in Gort today to see what ‘a real home’ is like. She sees a Brasilian woman talking to her dog, an old couple speaking in the Irish language and a young Romanian woman talking to an old man who was born in the same room where they are talking and has never lived anywhere else. This performative ethnofictive documentary explores the age-old question of home and belonging as a counter-narrative to rising nationalism and racism in post-Brexit UK, the Trumping of USA, and the rising right and closed borders of the EU.

The Blow-in was made as a commission by ‘Europoly: Europe in Times of Transformation’  by the Goethe Institute. As part of the project myself and my Spanish and German collaborators contributed to a blog called The Europoly Lab which you can read here. It follows the research and development period of the film, and the summer I spent in Gort preparing for it.



Melbourne Irish Film Festival, 6 April 2017

Sydney Irish Film Festival, 30 March 2017

Festival International de Cine en Puerto Vallarta, 14 March 2017

Cork Film Festival, Gate Cinema, 14 & 18 Nov 2016

Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival, 7 Oct 2016

Dublin Fringe Festival, Filmbase, Dublin, 19 Sept 2016

Lithuania Goethe Institute, 6 May 2016

Muencher Kammerspeile, Germany, 21 Feb 2016

Berlinale: Special Screening for Ambassadors of international Goethe Institutes, 9 Feb 2016