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NOOR AT MYTILINI PORT (dir. Treasa O’Brien & Noor, 6mins, 2016)

New Year’s Eve in Mytilini port, Lesvos: a filmmaker meets Noor, a young woman from Syria. They make a short film together right then on her phone.

Director’s Note
When I was in Greece in the Winter I was not there to film, but as a noborders activist. But one day I met a young woman from Syria who told me I should film. As in, told me! I asked her what should I film and if she would do it with me? She said she wanted to film women, and so off we went for a short while before her ferry left for Athens that evening. Noor and I met only for a short time but we clicked! We stayed in touch in the next few days by whatsapp but my phone was stolen soon after and I lost her surname and contact details. She was on her way to Sweden and I hope to meet her again.


BFI London Film Festival Oct 2016

London Short Film Festival Jan 2017

Berlin British Shorts Film Festival Jan 2017

WANDA Feminism & Moving Image Belfast Feb 2017